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HES 210 Research Guide

This guide will assist students enrolled in the Honors section of HES210 in researching for their honors project.


Welcome to MCC's Research Guide for HES 210 - Cultural Aspects of Health and Illness! 

Hi there! This guide was created exclusively for students enrolled in the honors section of HES 210 with Professor Sharon McLaughlin for spring 2018. This guide organizes essential information resources for your course including databases, journals, books and open web resources. It was created to assist you with your honors project and to provide you with personal library and research support. 

Don't be shy - feel free to contact me in regards to any of your research needs. You can stop by the library if you are on campus, make an appointment to meet with me, call me or email me. My contact information is under my picture on this page. I am here to support you and help you succeed in your course. 

National Institutes of Health News Releases

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