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This guide will help art students locate art resources (including images).

4 ways to get help!

When you need research assistance there are many options available to you:

  1. Start a chat session with a librarian 24/7

    Ask a Librarian link

  2. See a librarian at the reference desk on the 2nd floor of either Library 
  3. Schedule a one on one Research Consultation with a librarian.
  4. Call: Paul A. Elsner 480-461-7682  Red Mtn 480-654-7740

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Tell me what you think!
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Art sources

What kind of information are you seeking?
Do you need books, biographies, articles, images?

Artist (Michelangelo, Turner, Van Gogh)

Type of art (pointillism, expressionism, digital, drawing & anatomy)

Time period (Baroque, 19th century, Renaissance)

Geographic location (American art, French)


Example subject headings

Greco-Roman and Early Christian Art

The Middle Ages



Northern Europe

The Eighteenth Century 

The Early Nineteenth Century

Modern Art

Twentieth Century

Anatomy in art

Greek art

Commercial art