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Library Services & Resources for Faculty

This guide describes what services and resources are available to faculty, whether they are teaching face-to-face, hybrid, or online classes.

Library Links in Canvas Course Navigation

You can add an external link to you left-hand course navigation within Canvas. Consider  adding an external link to a research guide that has been created for your subject area or course or to our 24/7 chat service Ask-a-Librarian. You can add more that one external link. (If you would like a research guide created, please contact your faculty librarian liaison.)

To add an external link:

1. Within your course, scroll down and click on Settings on the left-hand side navigation.

settings link

2. Several tabs will open up. Click on the tab that says Apps.

App Tab


3. Scroll down until you see an app that looks like a blue curved arrow. When you scroll over the arrow it will say it is called the Redirect Tool. Click on the app.

redirect tool icon


redirect tool name


4. A box will pop open that you need to fill out:

- Leave the name of the app as Redirect Tool.

- Enter the name of the external link.

- Enter the URL of the external link.

- Click on the little box that says "Show is Course Navigation."

- Click on Submit.

Add App Pop up Box

The app will show up in your list of apps.

App List



5. Reload the course using the browser refresh button.

refresh button

The link should show up on your left side navigation. (It might take a few minutes.)

MCC Libraries Link


6. Move the link where you want it within you list. Don't forget to hide the Library Resources link!