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Research Process

Citing Sources

Why do you need to cite sources?

There are two major reasons for citing sources. The first is to give credit to the author(s) or originator(s) of a work and to avoid plagiarism.

Plagiarism is taken very seriously. The penalties for plagiarism can vary from a zero on an assignment, a failing grade in a course, disciplinary probation, expulsion or suspension.

The second reason for citing sources is so the reader can locate the source cited, if s/he desires.

Where do you cite your sources?

There are two places where you will cite your sources; within the text of your document and at the end, in your References or your Works Cited list.

Browse these great reference sites for the MLA & APA Citation Styles:

MLA Formatting Style Guide - Owl at Purdue

APA Style - Owl at Purdue


Integrating Your Sources

Once you find your sources and start using them in your writing, you need to know how to integrate them properly. This will help you avoid plagiarizing unintentionally.