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Health Sciences
Alcohol Awareness Month: April 2015
by Stacie Williamson - Last Updated Apr 3, 2015
This guide has information to help you or someone you know recognize, understand, and find help for alcohol abuse or alcoholism.
Complementary and Alternative Medicine
by Francine Tanori-Pote - Last Updated Mar 13, 2015
Information for students researching CAM topics
Dental Hygiene
by Marie Brown - Last Updated May 5, 2014
A guide to books, journal articles and other resources for the dental hygiene program based at the Red Mountain campus.
Exercise Science & Physical Education
by Marjorie Leta - Last Updated Nov 25, 2014
A guide to library and internet resources in Exercise Science and Physical Education
Health Science
by Marjorie Leta - Last Updated Sep 16, 2013
This guide incorporates health information available in the library and online.
by Janell Alewyn, Kathy Sullivan - Last Updated Nov 3, 2014
Research assistance for nursing students.
by Marjorie Leta - Last Updated Feb 5, 2014
Subject Encyclopedias
by Zoe Luter - Last Updated Sep 22, 2011
Subject encyclopedias focus on a particular discipline, field or subject and usually have longer, in depth articles. These resources are good places to start the research process.
Teenage Pregnancy
by Janell Alewyn, Megan McGuire - Last Updated Feb 7, 2012
Veterinary Technology
by Marjorie Leta - Last Updated Sep 16, 2013
A guide to library resources for Vet Tech students at MCC.