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Holocaust Studies

Use this guide to identify library and open web sources to research the holocaust

Holocaust Studies Student Exhibit

Holocaust Studies Student Exhibit @ The MCC Library

About the exhibit:

Capstone projects created by students in Introduction to Holocaust Studies (HUM 245), taught by Dr. Sören Hammerschmidt, are exhibited throughout the library. These capstone projects portray different aspects of the Holocaust in a variety of  formats. Visit each piece to learn different perspectives of the Holocaust through each student created artifact. The Holocaust Studies Student Exhibit runs through the month of December during library hours and is open to everyone.

How to view the exhibit:

Exhibit artifacts are located on all three floors of the library. This is a self-guided exhibit. There is a map to identify where each artifact is located.  To further enhance your exhibit experience, complete the exhibit assessment. Before viewing exhibit artifacts, complete the pre-exhibit side. After viewing each artifact, complete the post-exhibit side. Please return your completed assessment to the Assessment Box in the library. Responses are anonymous. If you have any comments regarding this exhibit, please use the comment boxes located on each floor. If you are unable to view the exhibit in person, view the slide show below.

Disclaimer:  Due to the sensitive nature of this exhibit, some viewers may find content disturbing or objectionable.

Holocaust Studies Student Exhibit Artifacts