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Online Services and Resources for Students

A guide to library services and resources for students taking online and hybrid classes or for students who use library resources from off campus.

Databases vs the Internet

The information available in databases is not the same as what you find on the Internet.  You use the Internet to access the databases, but the resources you find in the databases are not actually on the Internet.

Databases cost a lot of money and are purchased for students and employees to use.  This is why you must authenticate your status by logging in to use the Library’s databases off campus. To access MCC’s electronic databases, you authenticate by logging in with your MEID and password when prompted to do so after you click on the title of a database.

PDF tip

If you found an article that you want and it has the option of saving the full-text article as a PDF, we encourage you to do that.  A PDF is a scanned version of the original article and will have all of the images, graphs, and graphics that the original had.  A full-text HTML version will only include text.


Each database has its own set of limits that you can apply to your search. Limits vary from database to database, but some universal limits include date limits, full-text limits, and peer-reviewed limits (sometimes labeled scholarly or refereed).

Citation tip

Most databases also have a citation tool for you to use that will create your citation for you.  Usually there are a list of tools along the right side or the top of the screen and there will be a link that says something like Cite, Citation Tools, CiteNow!  When you email a database article, you can choose which type of citation style you want to be emailed to you along with the article.