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This guide will provide Communication students with information related to Communication, Mass Media & Journalism

Need ideas for a topic?

CQ Researcher -an excellent place to get an idea for a topic. Either browse by topic or look at the recent reports.

Opposing Viewpoints - lists lots of popular topics -a pro/con issues website

Picking a topic

In order to be successful in finding sources for your papers, it is important to have a topic that is:

  • narrow
  • specific
  • doable-meaning it is something that has been researched by others-hence there are sources available on it.

It is very helpful to do some background reading before you jump in and starting searching for sources such as journal articles. Even a half hour spent reading about your topic will allow you to:

  • get ideas for specific, narrow topics
  • determine whether your topic is doable

Background reading may consist of:

  • encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries
  • textbook
  • quality websites (such as .org,.edu, .gov)