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Holocaust Studies

Use this guide to identify library and open web sources to research the holocaust

What is background information?

The purpose of collecting background information is to educate yourself holistically on a topic or subject. Background information includes the basic facts and history, potential consequences, the geographic or global impact, and current issues surrounding a topic.

Reference sources are a great resource for collecting background information. This page identifies both online and print reference sources for collecting background information on the holocaust.

Online Reference Sources

The MCC Library subscribes to several online databases that provide access to online reference books:

Credo Reference - search a collection of over 800 reference books for articles and entries on all topics and disciplines. Browse topic pages to holistically explore a topic or try the mind map feature to map out your topic and identify keywords.

Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) - search an extensive collection of online reference books. Use the topic finder option to help map out your topic and determine keywords.

Print Reference Sources