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Holocaust Studies

Use this guide to identify library and open web sources to research the holocaust

Site Searching

Google can be a great research tool but you need to be mindful of the reliability and authority of the information you encounter. If you are trying to identify organizations, associations, academic institutions or government agencies related to your topic, try site searching.

You can limit your search results to include only .gov, .org, or .edu domains by specifying a domain extension as follows:  




Google Web Search

Google Like a Pro!

Watch this quick video to learn about the searching tools you can use to get the best results when searching Google.

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Web Searching Tips and Tricks

With billions of websites floating out on the open web, search results can be overwhelming! Here are a few tips and tricks to help you focus your search results:

Keep your searching simple

  • Use only the important keywords and phrases
  • For the search: Can a dog have a carbon footprint? Try: dog carbon footprint instead

​​Don't worry about case or punctuation

Spelling is optional (sort of)

  • Search engines will provide results for the appropriate spelling - but be mindful of how the search engine interprets your spelling errors

Give phrase searching a try

  • Use quotes around titles, song lyrics, popular quotes or sayings
    • "to be or not to be"
    • "Game of Thrones"

To narrow your search results - try advanced searching