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Holocaust Studies

Use this guide to identify library and open web sources to research the holocaust

Activity: Evaluating Web Sources

Apply the CRAAP Test to the following websites. Which sources would you deem trustworthy, reliable information? Why or why not?

1. Holocaust History

2. Details You Should Know About the Holocaust

3. The Holocaust

4. Holocaust Encyclopedia


C Currency When was it published? Has it been updated or revised?
R Relevancy

What would you use the information for? Does it support your research?

A Authority Who wrote it? Who is responsible for the information?
A Accuracy Where did the information come from? Are sources cited?
P Purpose Why was it written? Is it factual, entertaining or persausive?

*Adapted from CSU, Chico CRAAP Tutorial

Activity: Searching Library Databases

Compare the following databases using the questions listed below:

1. World History in Context


3. Academic Search Premier

Questions to consider for each database:

  • What type of evidence do you find in the database?
  • What searching, limiting, and citation tools are included in the database?
  • What is one interesting or useful thing you found about the database?