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Voting 2018

Guide to all things electoral: how to register; check your registration and your voting history; who's on the ballot? what propositions are on the ballot? when is election day? etc.


Best place to register -- in less than 2 minutes.  Click here: Arizona Student Vote



Andrew Goodman Foundation


Turning 18 in 2018? Activate your political power!

YOU MUST TRY THIS! Watch the video, then create your own video.

Take a video of yourself with life-size wings flying behind you using the Shazam app at one of our outdoor murals.

  • Phoenix: The mural is located in downtown Phoenix on the side of the Monorchid in the Roosevelt Row district.
  • Tucson: The mural is located in downtown Tucson on the side of the 191 Toole.

The two beautiful murals were created by local artist Lauren Lee to inspire Arizonans turning 18 years old to register to vote!

You will find a mural at the end of the hall outside the library, just beyond the restrooms.

Download the app and see if it works there.

If it works, please share on the library's page. Contact Janell at 480-461-7266



Why vote?

Can I vote?

Who CAN vote in Arizona?

  • Anyone 18 or older (by Nov 6, 2018), a U.S. citizen, and a resident of Arizona

Who CAN NOT vote in Arizona?

  • non-residents
  • non-citizens
  • felons (who have not had their civil rights restored)
  • anyone declared incapacitated by a court of law
  • minors (under age 18)


ONLINE: If you have an AZ Driver's License or permit, or a state-issued ID card, use the following link to register online:

BY MAIL or IN PERSON:  click on How Do I Register to Vote?


Check your registration status: Is it current? accurate? active?


Step 3: VOTE

Voting in this election -- what you need to bring to the polls, popular questions

Important dates

Where is my polling place?

Find your polling place here

Bonus Vote Centers -- check back after September 27






Check to see if your early or provisional ballot was counted

Early ballot

Provisional ballot -- save the ballot stub; you will need the affidavit number


For data geeks

Voter registration and historical election data (from the Secretary of State's website)

Voter Registration totals (from the Maricopa County Recorder's website)

Election results -- From the Maricopa County Recorder's website