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Swank Digital Campus

Legal access to feature films for educational use

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Welcome to MCC's Digital Campus

Swank Digital Campus provides 24/7 access to commercial films in digital format. 

This streaming media subscription allows instructors to show the film in class or to assign students to view the film outside of class.

What do we have? To see what MCC has available, go to

Scroll down and click on Swank Feature Films

What can we get? Click on the link above (under Quick Links) to access Swank's general catalog or click on one of the links to search by category, course, theme, or language.  Once you have confirmed that the film you want is in Swank's library of available titles, contact Trevor Smith at 480-461-7631 or to request a film. Once you have requested a film, check the site to confirm that it has been added to our queue. If you don't see your film there within a week, contact Trevor Smith.