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Searching The Catalog With Enterprise

Search With Enterprise

Enterprise Fun Facts

10.  Enterprise has been designed to make it easier for students to find library resources.

9.  It uses the industry's first "fuzzy-logic" technology.

8.  Multiple languages are available.

7.  Has a built-in spelling checker.

6.  Can fix prefix/suffix mistakes.

5.  Is mobile device and smart-phone friendly.

4.  Has nothing to do with the starship, aircraft carrier or space shuttle of the same name.

3.  Lets you text the call number of an item to your phone.

2.  Links directly to eBooks and streaming video resources.

...and the number one fun fact about the new Enterprise search interface:

1.  Just using Enterprise can raise your IQ by 10 points.*

*Note: Not scientifically verified...yet.

What is "Enterprise"?


The new catalog search interface for the Mesa Community College Libraries. It makes it easier to search for books, ebooks, and video content. Use it whenever you need to find any of these types of resources in the library.

Enterprise: A Better Way to Search