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ASB253: Death and Dying Across Cultures

MCC Libraries Subject Guides: Anthropology

Guide to ANTHROPOLOGY 253 Research

                            Images by Sheila Afnan-Manns and Mary Harrsch and used according to CC License.

This research guide supports the scholarly exploration of death and dying around the world. From ancient times to the present, human beings have formed cultural, religious, and legal responses to aging, sickness, the dying process, the moment of death, funeral rites, burial practices, loss, grief, and healing. Cross cultural comparisons demonstrate particular aspects that are informed by time, place, and worldview as well as areas inclined toward the universal.

Learning Outcomes

With a focus on ASB253 and the broader field of Anthropology, this research guide will enable you to:


Choose and refine an interesting topic for your paper and assignments.


Find relevant information in library databases and on the open web.


Evaluate sources that are credible/scholarly and appropriate for your need.


Cite your sources accurately, give credit, and avoid plagiarism.