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This guide will introduce students to psychology resources, both print & electronic.

Bells n' whistles

You can do many things to make your search more specific. Here are a few tips!

  • Limit to full text
  • Limit to peer-reviewed articles
  • Limit by date
  • Search only what is available at MCC in paper or retreive fulltext (look for the "MESA COMM COLL LIB EBS" box)
  • Search within a specific publication or journal.

Search Tips!

Are you having trouble finding information on your research topic?

Here are a few tips that might help you...

Use Boolean operators to help prevent road blocks

"and" connects terms and narrows the search
"or" expands the search (finds either term)
"not" use to exclude terms

For example:

  • waterboarding and prisoner abuse
  • internet gambling and addiction
  • methamphetamine and women and abuse
  • dating or courtship
  • (television not films) and children and effects