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Red Mountain

MCC Library at Red Mountain

What is Periodical Literature?

Periodical literature includes newspapers, magazines and journals. The MCC Library at Red Mountain subscribes to a wide range of print periodicals including:

The Western Historical Quarterly, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Mindful

Come browse our collection!  Older issues are located either under the stacks or behind the Circulation Desk. Please ask for help if you can't find what you are looking for! 


Is there a difference between People Magazine and American Journal of Clinical Nutrition??


  Scholarly Sources Popular Sources
Audience Scholars, researchers, practitioners General public
Authors Experts in the field (i.e., faculty members, researchers)

Articles are signed, often including author's credentials and affiliation
Journalists or freelance writers

Articles may or may not be signed
Footnotes Includes a bibliography, references, notes and/or works cited section Rarely includes footnotes
Editors Editorial board of outside scholars (known as peer review) Editor works for publisher
Publishers Often a scholarly or professional organization or academic press Commercial, for profit
Writing Style Assumes a level of knowledge in the field

Usually contains specialized language (jargon)

Articles are often lengthy
Easy to read - aimed at the layperson

Articles are usually short, and often entertain as they inform
General Characteristics Primarily print with few pictures

Tables, graphs, and diagrams are often included

Usually few or no advertisements

Often have "journal," "review," or "quarterly" as part of the title

Usually have a narrow subject focus
Contains ads and photographs


Often sold at newsstands or bookstores

Usually have quite a broad subject focus



Popular vs this!