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ENG 101/ENG107: General Research Papers, Persuasive Writing & Annotated Bibliographies

This guide will direct you to the best library resources for developing a topic, researching a topic, locating argumentative sources and understanding the difference between scholarly and popular sources.


Welcome to the English 101 Research Guide!

Critical Thinking combined with Information/Research Skills enables you to find, evaluate and use information in an academic and ethical way. These skills, when mastered, assist you in conducting research, finding great sources and organizing your information in a way that makes sense to your reader/audience while giving credit to the cycle of scholarly information.  This Research Process assists us in mastering our objectives:

  • Determine an appropriate scope of investigation by limiting that scope and using various research methods to assist in your inquiry;
  • Matching your information need to the scope of your investigation by using specific resources and the research process.

This guide will help you:

  • Develop a topic
  • Identify and access library databases 
  • Create effective search strategies for searching library databases
  • Define persuasive writing
  • Create an annotated bibliography
  • Understand the difference between popular and scholarly sources
  • Identify sources for MLA and APA format help

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