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ENG 101/ENG107: General Research Papers, Persuasive Writing & Annotated Bibliographies

This guide will direct you to the best library resources for developing a topic, researching a topic, locating argumentative sources and understanding the difference between scholarly and popular sources.

Finding Articles

Need to find articles for your paper? You've come to the right place!

To locate articles published in magazines, newspapers and journals, search MCC's eResourcesTo start searching MCC's eResources now, click HERE!

What are eResources? "eResources" is a general term we use in 'library land' to identify collections of information you can search electronically to locate the information you need - also referred to as databases. MCC's eResources are a collection of subscription databases that provide you access to thousands of magazines, newspapers, journals, streaming films, images and books. Much of what you find searching MCC's eResources is not freely available on the open web and only accessible to you as a student! Using library databases to research allows you to focus on just published material (such as magazines, journals and books) excluding much of the junk you would find on the open web such as blogs, wikis, personal websites, advertisements, etc. which can contain questionable information. Library databases provide access to reliable, authoritative, and scholarly sources of information appropriate for college level research.

When accessing MCC's eResources from off-campus, you will be prompted to input your MEID and password.

Library Databases

The following are a few suggested databases you can search to find a variety of sources on just about any topic. All of these databases are accessible from off campus with your MEID and password. To see a list of all of the MCC library databases (eResources) click HERE.