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Health Science

This guide incorporates health information available in the library and online.

Activity 1: Evaluating Health Information

Visit each of the following web sources.

1. Evaluate each source using the CRAAP Test.

2. Determine which source(s) you would consider reliable, good sources of information.

Be prepared to share your answers:

1. Keto Diet Source #1

2. Keto Diet Source #2

3. Keto Diet Source #3

4. Keto Diet Source #4

Activity 2: Finding Good Health Information

You are looking for information on the health benefits of probiotics. Use the following sources to find 'good' and reliable information that you would use if you were giving a presentation on this topic. Apply the CRAAP Test to the sources you find to help you determine if the information is reliable. 

1. Search Google

2. Search Health Source Consumer

3. Search General OneFile

Be mindful of the search terms you use and take advantage of the tools and limiters provided in both Google and library databases.

Be prepared to share your answers!