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Black History Month

You are invited (open to everyone).
Join us for a virtual discussion with Professor Rod Golden.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

9:00 am

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Thursday, February 4, 2021

1:30 pm

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African American Contributions Amongst Civil Rights Flashpoints: A Story of Purpose and Progress


This display celebrates the contribution of African Americans to United States progress that are too often omitted in the telling of our history despite the transformation impacts they have had.

The mere acknowledgement of these achievements is an important step in rectifying the historical record. To go further by contextualizing one's understanding within the nation's racial history is nothing short of profound. 

To facilitate a deeper inquiry, please consider the questions prompts, below, as you move through the slides and resources found on this page.

  1. What is the meaning of "contribution" against Civil Rights setbacks and victories?
  2. How does history reveal and mask its co-occurring realities of progress and oppression? How can individuals reconcile these truths without inducing cognitive dissonance?
  3. How does the intersection of race and gender impact the realization of human potential?
  4. What does society gain from the human equality and freedom?
  5. What does society lose when equal rights, citizenship, and opportunity are denied to specific segments of its population?
  6. What does "silence is betrayal" mean to you?  How about "silence is complicity"?
  7. Do you see any events, trends, or actions that connect to current events?
  8. Progress tends to be a process of crisis and victory, Flashpoint and progress. Do you see this pattern in the display? Are we in crisis or victory today?
  9. Can the law change the heart (slides 13, 26, 48)? Can the heart change a law (slides 2143, 59)?
  10. Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Alie (slide 57), Tommie Smith, John Carlos and Australia's Peter Norman (slide 62), Colin Kaepernick... Do elite athletes have a role to place in civil rights and social justice advocacy?
  11. Emmett Till in Jet Magazine (slides 2728), dog attacks on the cover of the New York Times (slide 42), Martin Luther King, Jr. in the international press receiving the Nobel Peace Price (slide 49). How did the power of the image in the media impact the Civil Rights Movement? How does the power of social media impact similar actions today?
  12. What do you think 15 year old Hazel Bryan was yelling to 16 year old Elizabeth Eckford as she the latter entered Central High School in Little Rock, AK on September 4, 1957 (slide 32)? What do you think the Central High School student is thinking as he punches an effigy of a Black student on October 3, 1957 (slide 33)?
  13. Little Rock (slide 32), Lunch Counter sit-ins (slide 37), Freedom Riders (slides 38, 39, 40), Bloody Sunday (slides 52, 53).  Civil Rights activists were trained in the methodology of Gandhian non-violence protest. What do you think are the internal impacts on a person who exhibits such eloquent acts of external resolve in the name of the greater good?

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