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Choosing a Topic

This guide will help you select a topic and broaden or narrow your topic.


Need help selecting a topic to use for a research paper or other assignment?

Is your topic too broad and you are getting so much information that you can't look through it all?

Is your topic too narrow and you can't find enough information to do your assignment?

If you answered yes too any of these questions, then this guide is for you!

Use the menu on the left the guide:

Getting Help

If you need any help, ask a librarian!  There are many ways to get help from a librarian:

  • Call the library reference desk at 480-461-7682 (Southern & Dobson) or 480-654-7740 (Red Mountain).
  • See a librarian at the reference desk on the 2nd floor of either the Library at Red Mountain or the Library at Southern and Dobson.  For library hours, click here.