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Find library and open access resources for researching nutrition and dietetics.

Evaluating Internet Health Information


Visit MedlinePlus for more information and to take the Evaluating Internet Health Information Tutorial. 

Evaluating Web Resources using the CRAAP Test

How do you know if something you find on the open web is reliable? Anyone can publish information to the Internet so not all information you find on the web is accurate or even true. In fact, a lot of information is biased, controversial or just plain wrong! Not knowing what information is reliable can be dangerous! Be sure to thoroughly evaluate all information you find on the open web for accuracy and reliability. Try the CRAAP* test:

C Currency When was it published? Has it been updated or revised?
R Relevancy

What would you use the information for? Does it support your research?

A Authority Who wrote it? Who is responsible for the information?
A Accuracy Where did the information come from? Are sources cited?
P Purpose Why was it written? Is it factual, entertaining or persuasive?

*Adapted from CSU, Chico CRAAP Tutorial