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Find library and open access resources for researching nutrition and dietetics.


The MCC libraries, like most academic libraries, use the Library of Congress Classification system for cataloging books. This is a subject focused classification system utilizing letters and numbers in the book call number. Following are some call number ranges you can browse for nutrition and dietetics resources in the library:

QP141 - QP801 = Physiology of Human Nutrition

TP368 - TP660 = Food Processing and Technology

TX341 - TX641 = General Nutrition and Food Science

TX642 - TX840 = Cookery

 To browse an online list of books on the subject of nutrition, click on the link below:

Browse nutrition books


Circulating Books (aka: Books you can take home!)

The MCC Libraries house thousands of books on a vast range of topics to support MCC curriculum and general academic interests. Students may check out up to 20 books at a time for 28 days. Your student ID is your library card!

 Identifying circulating books in the library catalog:

Circulating books are identified as 'General' under Status and as 'Book' under Material type in the Library Catalog. 

Reference Books (aka: Books that stay in the library!)

Reference books include encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries and specialized research books. Although reference books do not circulate, they can be used in the library. Visit the second floor of the Paul A. Elsner Library on the Southern and Dobson campus or the second floor of library at the Red Mountain campus to browse our reference collections.

Identifying reference books in the library catalog:

Reference books are identified as 'Reference' under Status and as 'Non-circ book' under Material type in the Library Catalog. 

To begin searching the MCC Library Catalog, click on the link below:

MCC Library Catalog