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This guide will help English 102 students locate information on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Copy machines

You can make copies of pages from reference books for 10 cents a page (cash only).

Copy machines are located on each floor.


Word of caution

Please be aware that some instructors do not allow the use of reference books as sources.

If this is the case, consider using these resources as a way to get ideas about the themes in Frankenstein, find historical or biographical information.


Really great reference materials!

These books are located in the Reference collection (2nd floor) of the main library.

If you need ideas on themes or just need a recap of the plot & characters, use these resources!

Novels for Students (includes biography, plot summary, characters, themes, styles, compare & contrast, criticism)
REF PN 3385.N68 V.1 (p.180-194)

Contemporary Literary Criticism (see vols: 71, 139, 245)
REF PN771.C59

Encyclopedia of Feminist Literature (p. 210, 389, 644, 652, 487)
REF PN471.S58 2006

Cyclopedia of Literary Characters (vol. 1)
REF PN 44 M36 1963 (p. 385)

REF PN 44 M33 V.3 (p. 1677)