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This guide will help English 102 students locate information on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Search tips!

Use Boolean operators to help prevent road blocks

"and" connects terms and narrows the search
"or" expands the search (finds either term)
"not" use to exclude terms

For example:

  • frankenstein and feminism
  • shelley and frankenstein
  • frankenstein and criticism
  • frankenstein or mary shelley
  • frankenstein not films

Copy machines

You can make copies of articles for 10 cents a page (cash only).

Copy machines are located on each floor.

Finding articles

When you search these resources you will find journal, magazine & newpaper articles.

Suggestions databases or electronic resources:

Academic OneFile

Academic Search Premier

Masterfile Premier

Literature Research Center


Howard, J. (2008, November 7). The Birth of 'Frankenstein'. Chronicle of Higher Education, 55(11), B12-B14. Retrieved March 12, 2009, from MasterFILE Premier database.

Abstract taken from Masterfile Premier: "The article discusses the role of poet Percy Bysshe Shelley in the writing of the book "Frankenstein," by Mary Shelley. The author notes suggestions by scholars such as John Lauritsen that Percy Shelley may have written the book instead of Mary Shelley. An edition of the book edited by scholar Charles E. Robinson, based on notebooks that Robinson had published as "The Frankenstein Notebooks," reveals that Percy Shelley made revisions to Mary Shelley's writing. The author comments that initial skepticism of the authorship of the book was based on Mary Shelley's gender. She notes how Robinson's edition highlights structural and grammatical differences between versions of the novel."

Bells n' whistles

You can do many things to make your search more specific. Here are a few tips!

  • Limit to full text
  • Limit to peer-reviewed articles
  • Limit by date
  • Search only what is available at MCC in paper or retreive fulltext (look for the "MESA COMM COLL LIB EBS" box)
  • Search within a specific publication or journal.