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Children's Literature

This guide will assist you in doing research in the field of children's literature as well as accessing the library's Juvenile Collection.

Finding Articles

Articles from journals and magazines in the fields of education, literature, and librarianship are very useful for research in the field of children's literature. Try these databases with keywords or relevant subjects:

Finding Reviews

To search for a review of a specific title or author's works, use the title or the author's last name and the keyword REVIEW.  Use of any of the databases listed to the left.

Journals in the Field of Children's Literature

There are numerous journals and magazines which focus specifically on the topic of Children's Literature and provide articles and reviews.  Use of the above databases will yield interesting articles in varied types of sources.  You'll be surprised at how often the topic of children's books pops up in mainstream publications too!

A few examples of specific publications are listed below and many more exist: