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Reflective Writing ENG102

This will aid English 102 students who are focusing on the effects of personal, reflective, creative writing.

Magazines or Journals?


What are some of the differences between magazines and journals?







Articles are written to inform or to entertain

Academic or scientific research articles and information



Covers broad subjects and topics of general interest

Scholarly articles which usually focus on original research in a specific subject field or discipline

Intended Audience:


Appeal to broad, general readership


Specialized readership; specialists; scholars and professionals in subject field


Magazine staff or freelance writers

Experts, scholars, professionals in subject field



Most often short articles with illustrations

Longer articles, often including tables, graphs, charts



Non-technical language

Technical, specialized terminology



Sources are often not cited or are incomplete

Documented research with footnotes and bibliographies


Review Policy:

Reviewed by editor

Usually articles are reviewed by a panel of peers; they are often called peer-reviewed or refereed articles



Published commercially

Published by an  association, academic institution or professional organization



Various products and services designed to attract the general consumer

Little or no advertising; if present it is usually specific to the field or discipline the journal covers





Business Week

Parents Magazine

American Spectator

Child Development

Communication Quarterly

American Journal of Nursing

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition