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HES 210 Research Guide

This guide will assist students enrolled in HES210 to explore and research health topics

Streaming Videos

Incorporating video clips into your presentation is a great way to add visual impact while supporting your research. The MCC libraries subscribe to Films on Demand, an extensive collection of over 25,000 educational and documentary films on a range of topics and issues. 

Films on Demand - When searching Films on Demand, keep it simple and broad - no more than one or two search terms will do it. Once you find a relevant film, use the "segments in this video" menu to identify potential short film clips (usually 1-3 minutes in length). You can also use the "create a custom segment" option to create your own film clip. Either option will provide the clip URL that you can use to embed the film clip into your class presentation.

Finding Images on Google

Images and photos are another way to add appeal to your presentation. It's easy to find images on Google! When you run a Google search, you will find images listed in your search results. You can limit your search results to just images by selecting 'images' below the search box once you run a Google search:

For more precise image searching, go directly to Google Advanced Image Search. With Google Advanced Image Search, you can customize your image search by size, color, type (e.g. photo, animated, etc.), and usage rights. Usage rights allows you filter image results by license and find images that you are free to use.