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HES 210 Research Guide

This guide will assist students enrolled in HES210 to explore and research health topics

Options for Retrieving Full-text Articles

You found the seemingly perfect article in a library database - yeah! Then you realize there's no link for the full-text, just an abstract and citation - boo!

What do you do now? Don't give up! Fortunately, there are several options you can try. Here they are:

Option 1: 

Search Journal Finder.

MCC subscribes to a variety of databases and the journal coverage between these databases varies by title and date range. You may find that one database only indexes a particular journal (provides the citation information and an abstract only) while another provides the full-text articles. Searching Journal Finder will help you determine if the MCC Libraries provide electronic access to a particular journal and which database provides that access. Simply search on the journal title and Journal Finder will list the databases that provide access along with the range of coverage.

Option 2:

Google it! 

You can find reliable, authoritative information on the open web. There's a growing body of open access, full-text scholarly journals freely available on the open web. You just have to know where to find them! Search Google for the title of the article you are trying to find - use quotes! (this tells Google that you are looking for that exact phrase)

For example: "microbiological laboratory hazard of bearded men" 

You could also search on parts of the title in addition to the author last name.

For example: taylor and "hazard of bearded men"

Or, try searching Google Scholar. Google Scholar broadly searches for only scholarly literature on the open web. This is a great option when searching for scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles.

Warning: If you are prompted to pay for an article, STOP! There are still options available...

Option 3:

Ask a librarian for help.

Researching is our expertise! Visit or call the library reference desk (480-461-7682) or login to the Ask a Librarian Chat service - it's free and available 24/7!

Option 4:

Use the ILLiad Interlibrary Loan service.

MCC has borrowing agreements with libraries all over the world, this includes both books and articles. Once you've exhausted all other options (options 1-3 above) you can place a request for MCC to retrieve the material from another library. If you are a first time user, you will have to go through a simple online registration process to use ILLiad. When requesting full-text articles, be sure to provide as much information as you can including the author, article title, journal title, volume and issue, date and pages. As with all the options above, if you need help, please ask a librarian!