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HES 210 Research Guide

This guide will assist students enrolled in HES210 to explore and research health topics

Database Search Tips

Boolean Logic

For better search results, try Boolean Operators!

AND connects terms and narrows the search
OR  expands the search (finds either term)
NOT excludes terms and narrows your search

For example:

  • exercise AND nutrition
  • cancer AND fatigue
  • bioengineering OR cloning
  • contraception OR "family planning"
  • exercise NOT running 

Phrase Searching

Phrase searching narrows your search results to include the exact phrase you are searching for - two or more words in precise order. Phrase searching is also handy when searching on specific titles or quotes especially when searching the open web or when trying to locate a full-text article.

For example:

"genetic engineering"

"mood disorder"


Truncation will broaden your search and look for variations of a root word. For example:

Searching on genetic* will search for the root word genetic and all extensions of the word including:

  • genetics
  • genetically


Nesting will broaden your search and is most commonly used between synonyms. Use nesting to organize your search strategy as follows:

(exercise OR "physical activity") AND ("High blood pressure" OR hypertension)

Boolean Operators Explained