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Evaluating Web Resources

Use this guide for tips on evaluating web sites. Example web sites are included to demonstrate good vs. bad web sites.


There are billions of websites out there and an overabundance of fake news ... So, how do you know what you can trust? 

 This guide will give you some useful tips and tools to help you evaluate web sites and spot fake news. The sample web sites under the Evaluation Activity tab each represent both good and not so good (or just plain wrong!) examples of web sites. Test out your critical evaluation skills and determine which web site you would trust.

Use the tabs to navigate through this guide. 

Warm up . . .

Let's say you are writing a college research paper on Internet Addiction.  Use the CRAAP Test (watch the video, below) to determine if you would include each of the following websites in your Works Cited list:

What is Internet Addiction?

Internet Addiction Disorder