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Library Instruction

This guide explains what library instruction is, how it can be custom-tailored for your class, how to schedule instruction and general FAQ's about library instruction.

Why Students NEED Library Instruction - Watch This!

Library Instruction at MCC

Library instruction is defined as the education of library users to become effective information retrievers and consumers. MCC Library faculty follow the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education for each library instruction session carefully planning learning objectives, active learning and assessment techniques. We are available to provide library instruction for any course offered at MCC Southern & Dobson, Red Mountain, extended campuses and on site for Dual Enrollment courses. Instruction sessions are tailored to meet the specific needs of you and your students.

Library instruction is most effective when it is aligned with class assignments. Following are some of the library instruction formats you may want to consider for your courses:

Library Introduction - A general library introduction is a great way to introduce students to library services and resources. Students engage in hands on activities which may include scavenger hunts, book searching, or interactive games that increase student comfort level and knowledge of library services and resources. This instruction is great for CPD courses, developmental education courses and students that are new to MCC.

Multi-Session Library Instruction** - Multi-session library instructions are 2-3 library instructions that are scheduled consecutively or over the course of a semester aligning with the steps of a scaffolded research project. These instructions are customized to the information literacy objectives of any research project which can include topic selection, search strategies, database searching, Google searching, evaluating sources, annotated bibliographies, avoiding plagiarism, and more. This format is great for ANY course with a comprehensive research project. 

Assignment Specific Library Instruction - Assignment specific library instruction is an effective way to guide your students through any of your course assignments with a research component. It is also helpful to consult with a librarian on your research assignments to confirm adequate resources are available for your students to successfully complete the assignment. The librarian will work with you and your students to identify the best library (books, ebooks, databases, streaming videos, etc.) and open web resources for your assignment. Please be sure to provide a copy of the exact assignment and follow up with the librarian to discuss details. 

Online Library Instruction - Online library instruction is geared towards e-learning students. There are multiple ways we can reach your online students for library instruction. Instructors can request a synchronous library instruction for their students, tutorials can be embedded within your course or we are happy to work with you to create a custom online library instruction utilizing a variety of online applications.

Librarians also develop online research guides and instructional materials designed to assist students and faculty in using the library. Upon request, we can create subject specific instructional materials and online research guides that directly relate to library instruction.

**Please note: We strive to provide the highest level of customer service and support student success in all MCC courses. Due to staffing capabilities and in order to accommodate all library instruction requests, we do limit the total number of library instruction sessions as follows:

  • Daytime courses may schedule up to three 50 minutes sessions or up to two 75+ minute sessions.
  • Evening courses may schedule up to two one hour sessions.