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Research Process


Welcome to this guide! It was created to demonstrate the research process. Knowing how to do research in an academic manner will save students valuable time and lessen frustration.

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Research Process

The steps in the research process include:

  1. Identify and develop your topic
  2. Determine sources needed
  3. Develop a research strategy
  4. Find books, articles, & more
  5. Find Internet sources
  6. Evaluate sources
  7. Cite sources

It is important to know how to evaluate and cite information in the beginnine. Evaluating and citing is something you do as you go along. When you find a source, you should evaluate to see if it is appropriate and then create and record the citation right away.

Keep these points in mind when thinking about the research process:

  • Research is a process of discovery. You will come upon new information and ways at looking at your topic. It is ok to let it change your point of view.

  • Research is a process of trial and error. There will be dead-ends and frustration. Keep trying and ask for help!