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Student Outcomes Committee

MCC's 4 Cs iSLOs

Communication SLOs



Communication is the purposeful development, expression and reception of a message through oral, written or nonverbal means. 

1. PURPOSE: Establish a clear central focus for a message which demonstrates an understanding of context, audience and task.

2. CONTENT: Develop appropriate, relevant content logically sequencing ideas and/or information.

3. LANGUAGE: Apply language of a discipline in an appropriate and accurate manner to demonstrate comprehension.

4. EXECUTION: Convey a message effectively.

5. RECEPTION: Utilize appropriate oral, written or nonverbal means to receive and/or interpret a message effectively.


Follow the link below to view the Communication Scoring Guidelines:



Have Questions about Communication?

Need help interpreting the criteria for Communication or aligning your assignments to the Communication Scoring Guidelines?


Kristine Ouzts

Diana Bullen



Communication incorporates the previous outcomes of:

  • Communication
  • Developmental Education

Team Leads:

Susan Olson

Darien Keane

Elliot Cherner