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Student Outcomes Committee

MCC's 4 Cs iSLOs

Spring 2015 Pilot FAQs

How many outcomes (‘Cs’) will I be assessing?

  • Although many courses align to more than one of MCC’s 4Cs, for the purposes of the pilot, choose only one outcome (‘C’) to assess

 What will I use to assess the ‘C’ I choose?

  • Identify a cumulative or signature assignment used within your course that aligns to ALL criteria for the outcome (‘C’) being assessed
    • You may already have a perfect assignment you use in your course or you may have to ‘tweak’ or create an assignment that aligns to ALL the outcome (‘C’) criteria
    • There are no restrictions on the type of assignment you can use – get creative! Assignments can include research papers, artwork, presentations, group projects, poster boards, ePortfolios, exams, etc. as long as it includes ALL criteria for the outcome
    • See the Outcome Scoring Guidelines to align a cumulative or signature assignment (

 Who is eligible to participate in the pilot?

  • All Residential, OYO, OSO and Adjunct faculty are invited to participate

 What courses can be used to participate in the pilot?

  • All courses are eligible to participate – Face to Face, Hybrid and Online

 Can I still participate even if my course competencies are in ‘Bloom’s Basement’?

  • Even if your course competencies are not at the application level, you can still participate in the pilot! Consider the written competencies to be a baseline/minimum of what you cover in your course - assessment is based on what you are actually teaching

 How will the assessment data be collected?

  • All assessment data will be collected through Canvas. Incorporate the outcome (‘C’) Scoring Guidelines into the rubric for the assignment you will be using for assessment within Canvas. (Assistance with incorporating Scoring Guidelines into Canvas rubrics is available through the CTL)

 When will the actual assessment occur?

  • Because cumulative or signature assignments are being used, actual assessment will likely occur at the end of the spring semester when students have completed their assignments