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Student Outcomes Committee

MCC's 4 Cs iSLOs

Critical Thinking SLOs



Critical Thinking is the mental process of effectively identifying, determining, gathering, evaluating, and utilizing resources to innovate and/or to accomplish a specific task.

1. IDENTIFY ISSUE: Identify and interpret a problem or issue. 

2. DETERMINE NEEDS: Determine the resources needed.

3. GATHER RESOURCES: Gather resources effectively and efficiently.

4. EVALUATE RESOURCES: Evaluate resources critically.

5. UTILIZE RESOURCES: Utilize resources effectively and creatively to innovate and/or to accomplish a specific task.   

6. ASSESS RESULTS: Assess and evaluate results.


Follow the link below to view the Critical Thinking Scoring Guidelines:


Have Questions about Critical Thinking?

Need help interpreting the criteria for Critical Thinking or aligning your assignments to the Critical Thinking Scoring Guidelines?


Jennifer Fay

Marjorie Leta


Critical Thinking incorporates the previous outcomes of:

  • Information Literacy
  • Problem Solving
  • Scientific Inquiry
  • Numeracy

Team Leads:

Marjorie Leta

Jennifer Fay

Tim Florschuetz