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Student Outcomes Committee

MCC's 4 Cs iSLOs

Cultural & Global Engagement SLOs



Cultural and Global Engagement encompasses the awareness of cultural systems, events, and creations and an ability to apply this cultural and global awareness to human interaction and expression.

1. CULTURAL KNOWLEDGE: Identify cultural systems, events, or creations.

2. GLOBAL INFLUENCES: Identify the global forces that shape culture and subculture.

3. CULTURAL AND GLOBAL SELF AWARENESS: Analyze and explain the impact of culture and experience on one’s world view and behavior, including assumptions, biases, prejudices, and stereotypes.

4. CULTURAL AND GLOBAL AWARENESS: Analyze and explain the impact of historical events, perspectives, or cultures on world societies, human interaction and expression, and the natural environment.

5. INCLUSIVENESS: Demonstrate a willingness and ability to engage with other cultures and global societies.

6. CULTURAL EXPRESSION: Generate ideas, creations, or models that express the human condition and our relationship with the world around us.


Follow the link below to view the Cultural and Global Engagement Scoring Guidelines:


Have Questions about Cultural & Global Engagement?

Need help interpreting the criteria for Cultural & Global Engagement or aligning your assignments to the Cultural & Global Engagement Scoring Guidelines?


Lindsey Pedersen

Diana Bullen



Cultural & Global Engagement incorporates the previous outcomes of:

  • Cultural Diversity
  • Global Awareness
  • Arts & Humanities

Team Leads:

Emi Ahn

Patrice Nango

Ly Tran Nguyen